Kirsten O’Shea’s Universe

There are four series in this universe. For those who are only interested in one series, you’ll be able to read it without reading the others. However, if you want to read all four, follow the column to the right.


Only Human series (Urban Fantasy)


Chattanooga Supernaturals (Paranormal Romance)


Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club (link)


Dark Underbelly of the Chattanooga Supernaturals (dark to dark-ish novellas)


For those reading all three series, the reading order is:




reading order wide 100617


13 thoughts on “Kirsten O’Shea’s Universe

  1. Superbly written books, that I read and re-read; and enjoy every time. My “prayers” have been answered: the second in the Only Human Series Kirsten O’Shea is due out soon. I will be counting the days, then the hours down to its release!

  2. Thanks Mitchel!

    Just a little over a month until An Unhuman Journey releases! I’m so excited about it, and I’m working on the third book already! I’m hoping Unhuman Acts will release in the fall or early winter, but no promises yet.

  3. I love the Kristen series and was wondering if there is a date set for the 3rd book release?
    I also loved the dragon King but was sorely disappointed by pride. I was so excited to find there was more information about Nathan out there and then to spend $2 to read a very disappointing 27 pages? All of the other books I have purchased have been full stories. What made you decide to charge people for something that should have been a loyal fan gift or something attached to you website?
    I would really appreciate if you would disclose the legnth in the synopsis of is to be that short. I work too hard to waste money on a sex book that had very very little story to it.
    I have not decided if I will read the MC series yet. I loved Kristen though and Sophia and their stories were so well written. Thank you for those. I love the way you have aligned the world and the characters and I cannot wait for the next book in the inhuman series.

  4. I’m sorry you weren’t happy with PRIDE. I think there’s a lot of story here, and a whole lot of clues about not only the Nathan we see in the present, but some of his history as well. I do note that it’s a novella, and that it isn’t a romance.

    Also, all of the ‘simple’ covers, with a single item on a plain background, are novellas. Pride, Indentured Freedom, Acceptable Risk, and Nix, so far. Pride is the shortest of them, but I still value the time I spent writing it, as does my publisher, so it isn’t free.

    Amazon lists the page length of all books, and it notes that pride is 45 pages (not 27).

  5. Candace, I just discovered Kirsten O’Shea’s Universe, and I’ve been devouring the books over the past couple of weeks. But I feel like I’m missing little pieces here and there. Is the story of Bethany’s relationship with Jonathan, Mac and Ranger in here somewhere? Also, there are a few references to the incident where Dawg was almost killed by the Disciples, and then somehow saved by Duke and Bash. It happened somewhere right before the story of Brain and Harmony starts, but the incident and its full context is never actually described anywhere that I’ve found yet. Are you planning to “backfill” either of these stories sometime later? Or have I just missed a big chunk somewhere?

  6. I have read all of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Some of course are more favoured, the Kirsten O’Shea books are among my favourites. When is the third book coming out? I note that it’s changed from late 2016 to 2017. There are other books being released in January and February 2017 to satisfy my addiction to your books thankfully! I can only imagine and appreciate that your writing must take you in directions you need to go rather than according to publisher and reader demand. It will be well worth the wait no matter when it is released I am sure.

  7. Hi Michelle! I’m writing the third right now, but I don’t have a release date for it yet. I’m hoping for the spring or early summer. I didn’t expect Ghost’s mom’s story, it just kind of popped up after I wrote Ghost’s story.

    Thanks so much for asking!

  8. I have just finished reading the third book in Kirsten’s story and I’m waiting on the edge on my seat for the next book already. Do you have any idea how long we will be waiting for it? I love love all your other books but am crazy about Kirsten’s story… also will there be anything more detailed about Nathan, pride was great but I couldn’t help wanting to know more? Your truely amazing and thank you for sharing your talent with everyone

  9. Thanks so much for the note, Stacey! I don’t have a release date for the next Kirsten book yet — sorry!

    We’ll eventually see more of Nathan, but it’ll be a while. He’s around quite a bit in Hallowed Destiny as a secondary character, and I think readers get more insight into who he is by seeing him through the eyes of one of his lions.

    Thanks again for the note! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Kirsten’s story!

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