Careful What You Ask For

cb_carefulwhatyouaskfor_400x600When a wolf mates with a human, the child is nearly always a wolf. Briana was raised as a werewolf, but puberty hit and she never changed. She’s persuaded a few wolves to bite her, but it never took. At nineteen, she’s going to give it a final try. This time, she’ll ask someone who was bitten instead of being born to it, to see if it makes a difference.

She grew up welcome in the Pack until she was branded a human. Her developing teenage psyche was wounded by their rejection, and she holds nothing but ill will for the Pack and all it stands for. However, it’s fine for a human to glare at the Alpha and tell him he isn’t the boss of her. Trying it as a wolf is another story. She’s determined to make a go of it as a lone wolf, but Randall — the local Alpha — has other ideas, despite the fact she’s property of his brother’s motorcycle club.

Briana was raised to be a werewolf and she finally feels whole, but the transition is different for everyone. She understands supernatural politics, but she’s going to have to maneuver through the highest levels of them as a brand new wolf still struggling for control.


  • 85,000 words


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