BDSM Blog Hop Part 2 — Fun after the Negotiations

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Welcome back to the BDSM Blog hop! Yesterday I talked a little about negotiations, today I’ll provide an excerpt showing the fun you can have once the negotiations are over. ======================= “We’ll do your strength exercises in two parts this weekend.” His hand moved towards her pussy and he crammed two fingers into her with no soft caresses or warning. “Nice and wet.” His deep voice caressed her skin as the basso profundo vibrations drifted towards and around her. He removed his fingers without ceremony, picked up a handful of marbles, and methodically began poking them into her. Sam’s pussy spasmed as the glass orbs were quickly pressed into her, and she tried to hold her entrance closed to keep them from falling out as more and more were packed inside. Her rectal muscles began to spasm around the giant plug as she tensed her ass along with her pussy muscles, and she soon discovered it was nearly impossible to relax around the plug and still hold the marbles in. Ethan started the time on his cellphone, counting up, and turned it away from her. He set another chair in front of her and settled onto it before casually opening the bag and extracting a clothespin. “I’m in a mood tonight, Samantha. I want you to hurt for me. No words, but feel free to scream and cry.” He took his time placing each clothespin, building tension and anticipation until Sam was sure her adrenaline alone could light a stadium. The strain of holding the marbles in and fighting the large plug in her ass, along with being in the splits and her arms bound completely motionless — all of this in concert with the clothespins placed at random on her breasts and the underside of her upper arm had […]

Negotiations and BDSM — Consensual Nonconsent

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Welcome to the BDSM Blog hop! Today I’d like to talk just a little about one of my favorite kinks — negotiation. Unfortunately, after being with my husband for close to two decades, and married for sixteen years, we no longer have a lot to negotiate. When we role play and map out the scene, there are still sorta-kinda semi-negotiations, but I get most of my kicks from letting my characters negotiate these days. Here’s a tiny excerpt from Safeword: Matte — In Training. If you haven’t read either Matte book (pronounced mah-tay, as it isn’t English), you should know Ethan is extremely well endowed, and wants to work his new fiancée up so she can take him in her backside on their honeymoon. This is a small peak into the contract negotiations. =============== “Thanks for giving me some space. I’m ready to talk now, I think.” Sam’s heart fluttered as Ethan’s gaze rose and a smile lit his face. He nodded to the coffee table. “I printed off the agreement, if you want to read through it and make notes.” He gestured to his laptop and added, “If I can have another ten minutes here I can finish what I’m working on, and then I’m all yours.” They were both wearing jeans and tees, and anyone looking in on them wouldn’t have thought anything odd about a couple hanging out together on a Saturday, unless they read over her shoulder. Sam used the pen Ethan had thoughtfully placed with the contract to make her own notes, and when she made it to the end she looked up to see Ethan watching her, his laptop open on the table between them. “You didn’t write this.” He smiled. “I wrote a version of it, and asked an attorney friend in the […]

WINNERS — Authors After Dark 2014 Free Registration

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WINNERS!!! The winners of the five AAD registrations are:  Jessica Bowes, Kim Roth Crane, Stacy Richman,  Dottie Taylor, and Tyra Olsen Berger.The “What’s Your Safeword” shirt goes to Jessica Bowes, let me know the size and I’ll bring it to AAD.Congrats! I’ll message the winners a link to make your hotel reservations! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you! If you didn’t win and still want to go, then from now until the end of June, if you buy one registration for AAD 2014 and show proof you’ve reserved a room in your name for the four nights of AAD, you’ll receive two registrations, so a friend can go with you.

Three contests! Enter to win!

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I’m currently running three contests: Comment here and/or on my Facebook page to win one of FIVE free registrations to Authors After Dark in Charlotte (each registration is a $240 value). There are some caveats, so make sure you read the fine print. Also, one winner will receive one of my Where’s Your Safeword t-shirts. Be sure to friend me if we aren’t already friends, so I can message you on Facebook if you win. Also, when you comment on the blog, be sure to leave a way for me to contact you. Sign up for my newsletter (in the box at the right) to register to win a free ebook copy of Safeword: Matte.  The newsletter goes out every one to two months (depending on how much news I have), and includes information about new releases, WIP’s, and appearances. I’ll also begin including some exclusive excerpts. Comment here with links to your reviews of Safeword: Matte and Safeword: Matte – In Training, for a chance to win one of FIVE eARC copies of No Safeword: Matte – The Honeymoon, when it’s available (hopefully before mid-July). It doesn’t matter if the review(s) were last year, last week, or next week. As we approach AAD I’ll be doing more contests, and giving away more t-shirts, ebooks, and even some paperback books. Here are all the ways you can follow me: I’m primarily active on Facebook, and not regularly active on Twitter. If you want to contact me, please either email me ( candace at candaceblevins dot com) or message me on Facebook. My blog-feeds automatically post to Twitter though, so you should see new posts from me if you follow me there. Good luck to everyone who enters! I hope to see you at AAD in seven weeks! […]

GIVEAWAY for Authors After Dark 2014 Registration

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UPDATE: I am now giving away FIVE free registrations! Comment here, and/or on the post on my Facebook page. Both entries give you a shot to win! I’m sponsoring a GIVEAWAY for an Authors After Dark 2014 Registration ($240 value). There are a few caveats — the organizer won’t send your registration confirmation until you’ve provided reservation confirmation for the hotel (be sure to ask for the AAD special rate!) for Wednesday through Saturday night at the Charlotte Westin. And, of course, you’ll have to get yourself to Charlotte. Two ways to enter! Comment here or on my facebook post (do it in both places and you’re entered twice!). I’ll draw for a winner Monday night. And, bonus, one person will also win a What’s Your Safeword? t-shirt. Just let me know your size, and I’ll get it to you at AAD! I’m looking forward to meeting lots of readers and authors — hope to see you there!

Newsletter Sign Up — Win a Copy of Safeword: Matte

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Want to be notified when I have a new book coming out, or will be making an appearance somewhere? Everyone who signs up for my mailing list before Tuesday, June 24th will be entered to win a free ebook copy of Safeword: Matte, and will receive an advanced excerpt of Safeword: Matte — The Honeymoon when it’s available. Subscribe to receive notice of new books, contests, and appearances Email Address

Wet and Wild Blog Hop (May 20)

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Welcome to the Wet and Wild Blog Hop! I didn’t have to think about which book might fit best with the Wet and Wild theme. From the beginning of Safeword: Quinacridone, Cara is intrigued — but horrified — by the very concept of watersports. Travis won’t do anything she isn’t comfortable with, but he patiently answers all of her questions and eventually finds a way for her to experience things from a distance. I wanted to give readers an insight into the reason it’s a turn-on for so many people, without squicking them too bad. I’ve included a very short excerpt of one of their conversations, below. I’ll give away an ebook copy of Safeword: Quinacridone on Saturday, May 25th. There are three ways to enter — do all three and you’ll be entered three times, or do one and you’re entered once: Follow me on Facebook and let me know about it (email, comment, or FB message) Follow me on Twitter and let me know about it (email, comment, or Twitter me) Comment below. If you’re already following me on Facebook or Twitter let me know who you are, and I’ll count it. To read a blurb, click the book cover and you’ll be taken to the book’s page. You must be 18 or older to enter. Make sure you leave your email address in the comments. Good luck to all who enter! —————– You can return to the Wet and Wild Blog Hop page, or continue onto one of the next four blogs in the list: * Donuts and Desires * Leila DeSint * Sadey Quinn * Romance BooK Club (US)