Safeword: Rainbow

Safeword Rainbow_200x300Tyler and Viv have found each other again after a three-day fling three years ago. Ideally suited for each other, they try to make a relationship work. However, they soon realize Tyler was expecting a 24/7 total power exchange and Vivian will never be a full-time submissive. As they try to find a compromise, Viv must deal with what a Total Power Exchange means, even if it’s only a part time power exchange, and Tyler must decide if he can live with a sometimes-Master and sometimes-boyfriend relationship.

Will they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

This title was published in 2010 with less than half of the current content. The story has been considerably rewritten and contains a great deal of new material for your reading enjoyment. I think it’s a far better story now, but if you read the original, you can be the judge!


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Release Date: November 1, 2013



Viv hung her purse and long coat in a locker, spun the combination lock, and stepped into the member’s area as Katrina. Two couples were deep in scenes in the public area, but she turned towards the steps and took a calming breath before climbing them to the private room Master James had reserved.

The upstairs rooms had various themes: there was a stable, a few doctor’s offices, a medieval dungeon, a couple of bedrooms, a school classroom, and a formal dining room with a table that doubled as a bondage table.

Viv walked into the formal dining room and her eyes were drawn to a huge candelabra in the center of the table. It must’ve held more than thirty candles, and all were lit. She noted a padded sawhorse in a dark corner, and saw a number of items on a side table, but couldn’t make out what they were in the shadows. The false stained glass windows were backlit with soft light, giving the effect of real windows at dusk.

A mouthwatering aroma filled the room and brought her stomach to life, though she couldn’t place the food by smell alone. He’d asked what she liked and disliked, and told her dinner would be a surprise.

She looked around again, wondering if he’d perhaps stepped out a moment, and when he stepped out of the shadows she jumped and her heart skipped a few beats.

“You startled me.”

“I apologize. You look lovely tonight, Kitten.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She smiled and let her eyes drop to his feet before travelling slowly back to his face. “You look quite handsome yourself.”

His black dress pants and elegant royal blue shirt looked as if they’d been custom tailored. The simple, clean lines weren’t showy, and yet he managed to look like something in a fashion magazine. He’d pulled his shoulder-length black hair into a short ponytail, and his dark-chocolate-brown eyes seemed to see right through her. His smile was gentle and commanding at the same time, and her heart skipped a few more beats.

Without breaking eye contact Master James walked to her, wrapped his hand around the back of her head, and tilted her face up as his lips met hers. Her eyes drifted closed and she melted under his kiss as her body submitted to his. The kiss was tender, but demanding, and her heart beat double-time as her blood went straight to boiling.

When she’d been thoroughly kissed, he raised his face a few inches and smiled down at her. “As good as you look in your clothes, I’d like you to remove them, please.” He caressed her cheek with his as he lowered his voice to add. “I happen to know you look even better out of them.”

She tried to keep from shuddering as her nipples constricted. “Of course, Sir.”

He released her head and let his hand trail down her back in a gentle caress, and Viv returned to the entry door breathless, with her heart pounding. She stepped out of her boots before slipping out of the pants and hanging them on one of the hangers provided. Her eyes met his as she unbuttoned the silk shirt, but the connection was too intense so she rotated away from him to hang it. Last to go was her thong; she hadn’t bothered with a bra.

As each item of clothing fell away her libido picked up more speed, and more heat. She realized she’d be dining naked while he was clothed, and the mere thought almost sent her over the top.

When she was finally nude she turned to Master James once again and asked, “Where would you like me, Sir?”

“Come to me. I need to put your cuffs on, Kitten.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He buckled her wrist cuffs and then wrapped his hands around her rib cage, easily lifting her to a seated position at the edge of the table. Gentle fingers made their way across her ribs, up her cleavage, over her throat. She kissed his finger when it reached her lips, and he nodded approval before tracing a line across her jaw. He stroked the soft spot between her ear and jaw, and let his nails drift down the sensitive part of her neck. Her skin erupted into goose bumps, and she gripped the table’s edge to keep from reaching for his hands as he trailed down to her breast and circled her nipple once before skimming past her waist, over her hip, and down her leg. When he reached her knee his hand went to her calf and he raised it as his other hand caressed its way to her foot, and he fastened her ankle cuff. He repeated the same process on her other side before lifting her again to settle her in one of the chairs at the table.

Looking down, she realized her seat doubled as a bondage chair. She didn’t protest when he attached her ankle cuffs to the chair legs, though part of her rational brain told her she should. As if in a trance, she watched him connect each wrist cuff to rings located on the sides of the seat, and her eyes followed as he walked to the side table to collect a coil of rope.

Ten minutes later she was secured by so much more than mere ankles and wrists. He’d tied her knees wide apart, and bound her body to the back of the chair — both above and below her breasts. Straps around her pelvis and over her thighs stilled the involuntary squirming her hips continued to attempt. She was comfortable, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

When she was secure, he kissed her and once again quite literally took her breath away. This time he wasn’t so gentle; he was harsh and rough and demanding and she almost orgasmed just from the kiss…or, perhaps a combination of the kiss plus being bound motionless and wide open.

Master James sat at the head of the table, with her to his left at a right angle to his chair, and quite close. She noted one large plate with a dome over it to keep things warm, and one glass of wine. The way they were seated around the corner of the table, the single plate was in front of both chairs.

He pulled the dome off with a flourish and the smell grew more intense. He grinned when Viv’s stomach gurgled, and said, “Grilled Portabella mushrooms and grilled eggplant. Both were marinated overnight in a variety of fresh herbs. There’s a side of wild rice, and we have fruit for dessert.” He settled the dome on the table. “I have quite an evening planned, and didn’t want anything too heavy.”

“It smells wonderful, Sir.” She was guessing he intended to feed her, but figured it’d be bad form to question him.

He scooped some eggplant onto a fork and she opened her mouth as his hand neared. He rested the fork carefully on her tongue and she closed around it. Each tine drew a warm line between her closed lips as he delicately drew the fork out, and she surprised herself by letting out a reflexive sound of pleasure, something between moan and whimper. The herbs and spices blended to combine with the flavor and texture of the mushroom and eggplant, and was beyond exquisite. She had no idea it was possible for either vegetable to taste so good.

He smiled as he lifted the wine to her mouth, and she wasn’t surprised to discover it perfectly complemented the herbs and spices of the meal.

“Oh my goodness, that’s wonderful, Sir.”

He fondled her right nipple and grinned at her sharp inhalation. “I’m glad you like it.”

Viv tried to ignore the fingers gently pulling and tugging at her nipple and asked, “What restaurant…where did you get this, Sir? I’ve never seen anything like it on a menu, but wherever you got it, they have a new customer.”

Master James swallowed his food and took a drink before offering her another bite. While she was chewing he said, “No restaurant. I cooked it.”

Her eyes grew big and she swallowed so she could talk. “Sir, this is incredible. Are you a chef or something? No, don’t answer. I’m sorry, inappropriate question.” Club etiquette allowed you to share private information if you chose, but it was rude to ask. “But still, this is better than any mushroom or eggplant I’ve ever had. Ever.”

“Don’t apologize, Kitten.” He smiled, but it was melancholy. “It’s okay. I’m not a chef. I just enjoy cooking.” He paused as he fed her another bite. “We’ve done quite a bit over the past two days, and I’d like to talk about the things you liked and disliked. I want to make tonight special, so we need to communicate a little before we start.”

Considering she was naked and bound so she couldn’t move much more than eyeballs, mouth, fingers, and toes; Viv was pretty sure they’d already started. Arguing would have been petty though, so she answered, “Sure, okay. Do you want to ask questions or do you want me to just talk?”

He smiled. “I like that about you — you’re so comfortable talking about what you like, and what you want. I can ask questions if needed, but I’d rather you just talk. For now, anyway.”

“Do I need to remain formal, Sir? Or can I speak normally?”

He raised his eyebrows and reached down to rub little circles around her clit. Her legs tried to pull together involuntarily and she had to force herself to relax and not fight the ropes.

Master James kept a constant pressure and speed as she circled her clit, patiently waiting until she was still before he spoke.

“I’ve restrained you so you’re open to me, nothing hidden.” He dipped down to collect some of her juices on his finger, and went back to the maddening circles. “You’re dependent upon me for food and drink and, everything, really. I can touch you wherever I want and you can do nothing but sit there and accept it, feel it, take it. What do you think?”

Practically breathless, she managed to say, “Oh. You have a point, Sir. You want me to remain formal.”


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