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In most cases, the Safeword series can be read in any order. The exceptions are the two Davenport books (these books are now available as a boxed set) and the four Matte books. Also, while Safeword: Arabesque can be read as a stand alone, if you’re going to read the Matte books then it’s best read after Happily Ever After.

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Other Single-Title Contemporary BDSM Works

Absolute Power Exchange - Twenty Years Later 200x300

4 thoughts on “Safeword series

  1. In Safeword: Arabesque it is hinted that Issac is a paranormal, I believe shifter, and that it would be reveled later book what type, but I have read all of the books of the series and do not remember seeing it reveled. Are you planning a new book with Frisco, Cam, Cassie, and Issac? Or Issac in a new book in a series?

  2. Thanks for asking, Sara!

    Yes, Isaac is something other than human, and we’ll likely find out what he is in the Only Human series, when we finally get to the big battle between good and evil.

    It’s possible my muse will let the cat out of the bag before then, but the current plan is for us to find out when he steps in to help fight.

    The Safeword series will remain a contemporary series, with no one knowing about supernaturals.

  3. Should the safeword series be read before the other series? I started with Duke then dragon king then brain which by the way all excellent I’ve enjoyed them but I’d like to start from the beginning although with the way you have set it’s not hard to follow

  4. If you enjoy intense contemporary BDSM then the Safeword series can be read first. Some of the characters show up as secondary characters in the paranormal universe, but you don’t need to have read the contemporary series first.

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