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  1. Just finished reading Gonzos story love it. I love the way characters from the previous books are in the stories that follow. I like to read series stories. But alot of other authors don’t tie in the stories like you do. Cant wait for the next storie.

  2. Hello, I’ve just started your Rolling Thunder MC series and while the story has been great (awesome actually and it’s not even that far in yet) but the format of the book is strange. I purchased it through Kobo and have tried to read it across three different device (Kobo ereader, iPhone and iPad) but on all three the book reads generally one to three sentences per page (at the most), even in the smallest font offered. I contacted Kobo about it but they said its the way the book is formatted and they are unable to change that. Have you had anyone else with this difficulty?

  3. I never get to any book signings since there aren’t any in my area I can go to that’s close enough and was wondering if you ever mail out any free swag like signed bookmarks etc…I love your books and have just started to purchase hard copies of my favorites. I read everything on my kindle but am starting to fill up my book shelf with books and some author merchandise and swag and would love to have something of yours to add to it. Looking forward to reading your upcoming books!!!

    Melissa Wheeler
    620 Princeton st
    Ashville, OH 43103

  4. Img I can’t even begin to to you how much I love love love your books I started with the rolling thunder series I have just got everything attached and I’m desperate to know whether your doing a book on dawg and the Abbott? I was a little disappointed with pride it was a great book I just wanted to know more about him? Your amazing and I can’t wait to see more of what’s coming up thanks again

  5. Thanks so much Stacey! Abbott and Dawg will eventually get a book. I’m working on Ghost’s mom’s story now. Next up will either be another Safeword book, or Unhuman Acts, depending on which my muse wants to work on first.

    Pride was just a little short story designed to show a little more of Nathan, since it’ll be a while until he gets his HEA.

  6. I just found a bundle on Amazon called “bound to love” does this contain a new story or is it a rerelease of an older story? The blurb is no help at all.

  7. hi im interested in two of your books but cant seem to find them for free anywhere the titles are uncaged and careful what you ask for can i please get a review copy of these titles to review and post on goodreads



  8. Any idea when\if the safeword box set will be on Amazon, it’s the only place I have gotten books for my kindle.
    PS I found you here too, today!

  9. Sorry Audrey, but Amazon punishes indies and small publishers for any ebook priced over $9.99, so it won’t be available there. You can buy it at Smashwords and get a mobi file, and when you email that file to your kindle account it’ll be in your cloud so you can read it on your kindle.

  10. OK, I am getting a little turned off with Kristen in An UnHuman Journey. I do not understand this attraction of all the power players and their need to fu*k her. No one seems to getting power from the experience. Only one seems to be able to give her power through the act but he does not seemed to be overly attracted to her. She’s coming off as a bitch to me challenging every male who seems to have a problem with her. Take away her light sword and her ability to blow up heads and it’s a fair fight with the shifters and vamps. And poor Abbott, you made him seem weak and I did not like that.

  11. Sorry the second ONLY HUMAN book didn’t work for you. Her abilities are what make her interesting to the supernaturals, and if she doesn’t stand up to the people who challenge her then… I’m not sure that’s who she is. :(

    And Abbott may be super powerful, but he isn’t used to not getting what he wants. Life’s a bitch sometimes, even if you’re a powerful vampire master.

    This is urban fantasy and not romance, so it’ll take a while to get to the lovey dovey parts. :)

  12. Hi, I’m from Australia and I only just recently started reading your books. I tried purchasing the 8th book (ghost) but it’s not available to purchase in Australia

  13. Hi Candace, I absolutely love Kirsten’s series and all those attached and I have totally fallen in love with Nathan’s and Abbott’s character. I read the novella and seen there is going to be one for Abbott as well just wondering if they will get there own full length book or is that it for them? Your books have me on the edge of my seat…. so thank you x

    1. Abbott will get his own full length novel, but it’ll be a really, really long time before his HEA is ready for him. Not everyone who gets a short story will for-sure get their own full length novel, but I do have plans for Nathan and Abbott. :)

      1. Phew… *wipes sweat from forehead* lol…. Nathan lights my fire…. thanks again I look forward to reading what ever you have next for us 😉

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