Three Free Offerings

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I have three free offerings right now: You can find Pride at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and B&N. Nathan’s little short is a dark fantasy with a pleasing ending, but no HEA. If you’re reading the Only Human series, it’ll be good if you’ve read Pride before book four comes out February 2nd. It isn’t necessary to have read it, but most of you will be happy to have the backstory behind a small issue in Defining Human. The Radish app is free through either the Google Play or Apple store. Once it’s installed, search for my last name and you’ll see my titles on the app. Safeword: Matte is the only title completely free at Radish (the first three chapters of the other books are free.) Alternatively, clicking this link on your device should take you to the story — it does on my Android device, I’m not sure how Apple will handle it. Radish has made it hard to search by author: you click on the pink magnifying glass, and then you have to click on on the word search before a textbox opens to type into. Type Blevins, hit enter, tell it you want to search by author, click on my name, and scroll down for a list of titles. Matte is also available at the major retailers, though it’s only free on the Radish app. If you prefer it in mobi or epub, it’s at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and B&N. And finally, the pinned post in my Kinksters group has the link to download The Object of His Affection, a short story taken from Safeword: Quinacridone. This novella is about as rough as I ever get in the BDSM world, so proceed with caution. I get naughtier in my reader group, share more personal stuff, and it’s […]

Pride is live!

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For those of you who’ve wanted more of Nathan, here’s a nice little short story designed to give you a little of him. It isn’t time for his HEA yet, but I had a lot of fun showing him in action. ——————————————— Jess and her all-female pride would be fine if random male lions didn’t feel the need to come to town to try to take over. Until the Amakhosi, the king of the lions, pays them a visit. Warning: This isn’t a romance. Pride is unapologetic paranormal erotica, and the Amakhosi’s only rules are the ones he makes up. He’s come to town to enact consequences and enforce his rule, and at over eight hundred years old, he’s gotten very good at getting his point across. Oh, and cats have spiked penises.          Buy it at: