Author Services

I regularly get requests from authors who want me to look over their BDSM scene to make sure it’s authentic, and while I’m more than happy to do this for authors I regularly swap beta reads with, it’s becoming a time sink from authors I don’t know, and it takes away from the limited time I have for writing. I’m truly flattered, but the requests have gotten out of hand.

I think the way around this is to offer it as a paid service — though I’m not calling myself an expert by making this offer. I’ve been in the lifestyle for well over twenty-five years and can tell you what’s generally accepted as the norm within the scene, but I can’t offer any degrees or certificates as proof I know what I’m talking about. I can also tell you the BDSM activities my readers have accepted versus what some have had trouble with, and I have fifteen-hundred-plus reviews on Goodreads to back that statement up.

With that being said, my prices are:

  • Input about the BDSM aspects only: .035 per word with a $40 minimum
  • Input about the BDSM aspects and correction of typos: .05 per word with a $40 minimum
  • Input about the BDSM aspects, correction of typos, and input on how to tighten your writing and add punch (I’ll also point out echos, places you should show instead of tell, passages you may be showing too much and bogging things down, areas it might be good to let the reader know how a character feels, and any grammar and rhythm issues — see the link below to a page with basic fiction grammar issues): .07 per word with a $40 minimum

You have a few choices of what to send me:

  • A synopsis with the specifics of your question(s).  (BDSM aspects only, option one above.)
  • Selected excerpts from the manuscript of the negotiation and scenes you’d like input on.  I need to see the negotiation to understand the dynamics of the scene, so please don’t skimp on this part. Should you choose this option, please put everything in one Word document and separate the breaks between excerpts with a double horizontal line (hold the equal sign down a few seconds and then hit enter). However, if I only have the kink portions of the manuscript I’ll primarily comment on the physical and safety aspects. If you want input on the power exchange (D/s) between the couple or poly group, I’ll need to see their negotiations, time in scenes, and also how they interact in daily life. (Any of the three pricing options above for this choice.)
  • The entire manuscript. I’ll be able to comment on the complete relationship in this case — emotional, physical, and D/s.   (Any of the three pricing options above.)

Please send your synopsis, excerpts, or manuscript in either .doc or .docx format. Unless you request otherwise, comments to specific sections of text will happen in comment bubbles. My thoughts on the entirety of what you provide will be sent separately.

I’ll give input on what’s acceptable amongst those in the lifestyle as well as what my readers have taken issue with over the years. I’ll explain safety issues as I understand them, but I’m not a doctor or nurse and can only give safety advice based on what I’ve learned in the lifestyle.

Billing will be through and is due upon receipt of invoice. Because I’ve heard horror stories from so many editors about not being paid, I’ll need fifty percent up front before I begin working. Email me or message me on FB to see how my schedule looks and when I can fit you in —

If you can’t swing the extra for me to tighten your writing and help give your words punch, you may find the following page of things you can do on your own helpful. Also, if you’re wondering what I’ll be looking for in the most expensive option, this is a big part of it.