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Abbott is dealing with the fallout of becoming Master of Maryland and must figure out what to do with the few dozen blood-bonded shapeshifters he inherited.

One of the wolves catches his eye, but if Abbott learned anything from his brief time with Kirsten, it’s that he’s long had relationships with people obligated to do his will and he needs to change the pattern. Still, he moves the young man into his home to begin learning some of Abbot’s soon-to-retire housekeeper’s duties.

Spencer was abducted at twelve and turned into a pleasure slave — bitten to become a wolf who could stand up to abuse and live, but he’s never had to control the animal inside him. His Master kept both Spencer and his wolf on a tight leash. Spencer’s new Master has different rules and expects Spencer to think for himself — a scary prospect for someone who’s done nothing but follow orders for so long. Still, he’s ordered to help people instead of harming them, so Spencer does everything he can to please his new Master.

Abbott can see an iron will and high morals in Spencer, but releasing the blood-bond enslaving him is impossible — the boy’s never even met his wolf and would have no hope of controlling the feral animal inside him. However, Abbott won’t take things past a cordial relationship with the just-turned eighteen-year-old while he’s still a slave.


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