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Welcome to the Wet and Wild Blog Hop!

I didn’t have to think about which book might fit best with the Wet and Wild theme. From the beginning of Safeword: Quinacridone, Cara is intrigued — but horrified — by the very concept of watersports. Travis won’t do anything she isn’t comfortable with, but he patiently answers all of her questions and eventually finds a way for her to experience things from a distance. I wanted to give readers an insight into the reason it’s a turn-on for so many people, without squicking them too bad. I’ve included a very short excerpt of one of their conversations, below.

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Cara slid down his body, scooting back under the covers. “You said you could arrange for me to watch someone being peed on?”

He dipped his head. “I can. There’s a kinky camping event with a kiddie pool set up especially for watersports, or if you want something more private I can arrange for someone to come to the house.”

“Would you be the one to…”

Stretching out beside her, he propped his head on one hand as he stroked her cheek with the other. “No.” He paused, added, “Unless it’s what you’re asking to see, in which case I can hire someone. I thought you wanted to see another couple in action and I can invite a close friend to bring his slave to the house for a private play party.” He smiled, his eyes warm and happy as he traced the line of her jaw with the back of his fingers. “He’d love the opportunity to make her submit to it in front of us.”

“You said you’ve done it before?”

He sighed, moved his hand to her stomach, and gave her his undivided attention. “I have, but it’s been a while. For a short period I really got off on it, and thankfully I was in Europe at the time where some of the streetwalkers are more likely to agree to that sort of thing, for a price.” His gaze rose for a second and he brought it back, as if forcing himself to look at her instead of an interesting spot on the wall. “It shames me now, how much I got off on the degradation of pissing on them in alleyways and behind garbage bins. I’ve grown up since then and wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. Not like that, anyway. I mean, if I was with someone who got off on it, I could…but back then?” He shook his head. “I was no better than the assholes who used you with no thoughts for your feelings.”

He looked away again, obviously uncomfortable, and Cara reached up to stroke his cheek. “How old were you?”

“I don’t know, maybe seventeen or eighteen? I kept a residence in Paris at the time.” His eyes met hers again and he grinned. “The age of consent’s fifteen; you can buy alcohol at sixteen and can get into clubs at eighteen — though a little cash would get me in at seventeen without a problem.” He shrugged. “I wasn’t a party animal, I still worked a ridiculous number of hours a week, but I was also a teenage boy and too young and full of myself to have so much money and power.”

“Don’t beat yourself up too bad. You grew up, and I’m betting you paid them enough that they don’t think terrible thoughts about you when they remember it.”

He rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. “It’s nice having someone who believes in me. The truth is, a few times I got off on just paying what I thought I could get away with, so they wouldn’t make a scene. Later, you’re right, I more than compensated them, but…” he sighed, rolled back to her, and met her gaze again. “I’ve never been this honest with anyone but Paul. You know how much I love you, right?”

Cara smiled. “And I love you, too, but don’t change the subject. What about it turns you on? Not then, but later…and, now, if you were going to.”

“The power, and the visual; but it’s more than that. A dog uses urine to mark his territory, so in a way it’s as if I’m claiming them. Some of it’s probably the taboo factor of pissing on someone, and even more so, making them drink your urine. But just watching it wet them, drip off them, soak their hair, and the look on their face.” He closed his eyes, inhaled slowly, and opened them. “I don’t personally like the odor, so if I know ahead of time, I hydrate really well.”

“You’ve paid people regularly, so you felt as if you owned them for a few weeks or so, right?”

“Yes,” he tipped his head, “and in some of those cases I used watersports to drive home my ownership.”

“Would you feel as if you own me more if you peed on me?”

“More? No, I don’t think so. Maybe in the moment, but long term I’m secure in our relationship.” He leaned down to caress her lips with his and rose above her with a happy smile. “I don’t need to prove I own you, and I think that’s what I was doing with them. Besides, we own each other. I’m yours as much as you’re mine.”

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