Safeword: Storm Clouds

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Safeword: Storm Clouds will release in less than two weeks – on January 14th.  I’m a huge fan of the Urban Fantasy genre, and I had a lot of fun writing about vampires this time around.

Here’s the blurb:

Kendra has lived as a vampire for thousands of years, and she’s been a Domme for the past thousand years. But then she falls for a human man who happens to be wired as a Dom. Neither is interested in a switch relationship, but neither is willing to give up their Dom side, either. They have strong feelings for each other, can they make it work? As Eric learns about the world of vampires and decides whether he can deal with it or not, the other vampires have to figure out whether they can deal with Kendra, their third in command, submitting to a human who some of them feel is so far beneath them on the evolutionary ladder. Can Kendra and Eric battle all of this to find happiness?

Warnings:This title contains consensual BDSM (both M/f and F/m), bondage, mild discipline, use of toys including anal plugs, cuffs, floggers, and canes.
Word Count: 65,600
It will eventually show up pretty much everywhere, but for now you can read an excerpt at the Excessica site.